Direct To Consumer

DTC Platform Data Required

While the DTC platform is the engine of the modern day digital marketing platform, data is the fuel. To use the fuel analogy, the more of it and the higher octane or quality you have the faster and farther you will go. While your internal data is free (you own it), it will cost you money…

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DTC Platform Apps Required

The modern digital marketing organization in any large business that serves consumers today requires a specific infrastructure of marketing and customer service software and well-trained employees to use and manage it.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) – includes data warehouse, analytical services and reporting services
  • CRM – enterprise-wide customer relations management to be used by every customer facing employee. . .
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Proven Strategies Required for Consumer Journey

The journey a consumer takes to go from unknowing or indifference to becoming a loyal customer has been well researched and documented. All the components of the Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) platform align with different phases of this journey.

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Direct-To-Consumer Platform Benefits

The benefits of the DTC platform to hospitals, healthcare systems, large clinics and ACOs are listed below:

  • Consolidate all primary and secondary service area residents (consumers + patients) into ONE actionable database
  • Tag consumers/patients with a selection of 300 or more key attributes; include disease and behavioral identifiers in tag elements. . .
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