DTC Platform Data Required

While the DTC platform is the engine of the modern day digital marketing platform, data is the fuel. To use the fuel analogy, the more of it and the higher octane or quality you have the faster and farther you will go. While your internal data is free (you own it), it will cost you money in the form of developing a Master Data Management (MDM) model in order to extract, load and transform it (ETL) into a format that your data warehouse and analysts can use.

Acquiring external data on the other hand can be costly but when used correctly will be a fraction of the additional revenue and profits brought into the enterprise with the new DTC platform.

Below is a table listing the data required for optimizing the DTC platform.


  • Financial
  • Encounter
  • EMPI
  • EMR
  • Operations
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Quality


  • PSA/SSA Households
  • Insurance Claims
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Shopping Basket
  • Social Commentary
  • Reviews


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