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As discussed previously in this Solutions section, we have two strategic partners who provide scale and resources for four of our major strategic growth programs.

1. KBA provides fulfillment services for the DTE, DTU and PHMP programs.

2. Provider Equation LLC provides fulfillment services for the PE Program.

In addition to these two strategic growth partners, our practice has strategic relationships with a special group of companies who provide unique services or products that can accelerate the strategic growth of health systems and other providers. These partners are outlined below:

3. Capital Growth Medvest (CGM) - Medical Real Estate Solutions

Highlighted Services

Funding – Solutions ranging from sale-leasebacks – which reduce your debt load – to raising additional capital for new projects and refinancing existing real estate.

New Developments – CGM offers one of the easiest turn-key, build-to-suit options available. They tailor your project with the necessary capital resources and the industry’s most experienced architects and contractors. Experience a true turn-key solution.

Consulting – They know how to get your next project funded, completed on time, and within budget. From developing new projects to simplifying existing challenges, let them share their experience with you.

CGM Partnership Benefits

Free Up Capital – Utilize stagnant capital that is stored in your property to improve or expand your facility.

Beneficial Advisor – A partner with your facility that understands the financial marketplace and leverages its experience to ensure your project delivers on its expectations.

Retain Property Control – They are open to the use of ground leases, buy back provisions and other options to allow your facility to retain as much control over the property as required.

Reduce Annoyances – Raising the capital required to refinance your existing property, add-on to your facility, or begin a new project can be difficult. Let them pair you with their proven sources of funding. 

4. Altrazeal (by Urulu, Inc.)

Altrazeal is the latest development in wound healing and bandage technology. It improves the quality of wound healing process while reducing its cost.

Highlighted Facts

Altrazeal® is a patented powder dressing specially engineered to cover and protect the wound and to provide an ideal moist wound healing environment that supports cellular function and tissue repair. Its non-resorbable, sterile granules aggregate when hydrated with saline to form a moist, flexible, oxygen permeable film that fits and seals the wound.

The skin-like barrier serves many functions that promote healthy granulation tissue growth:

  • seals and protects the entire wound surface
  • allows oxygen transportation
  • manages exudate through vapor transpiration
  • prevents penetration of exogenous bacteria

Altrazeal® enables extended wear time, allowing the wound to heal without disturbing the wound bed with frequent dressing changes.

Altrazeal® is a sterile powder that transforms into a dressing upon hydration and covers and protects wounds for up to 30 days, including surgical, acute and slow-healing chronic wounds.


ULURU Inc. is a specialty medical technology company focused on developing and commercializing innovative wound care and drug delivery systems based on its patented technologies.

5. Devoted Health

Devoted Health is a Medicare Advantage Program provider whose goal is to make healthcare easier, more affordable and a whole lot more caring for Medicare recipients.

Here is how they make it happen:

They put the focus back on the patient.

They offer Medicare Advantage plans — and it’s the only thing they’re doing. They want to serve those on Medicare with well-coordinated, more attentive healthcare — the kind they want for their own families.

They build relationships, not barriers.

Care is all about the patient and his or her doctor, and They won’t stand in the way. They work to get everyone going in the same direction — one team to get the seamless care their members deserve.

They believe in quality over quantity.

More isn’t better. And They only want the best. That’s why they’ve partnered with trusted doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other providers — to make sure their members get the right care at the right time.

They make healthcare easier.

Through the application of experienced care navigators and advanced technology they have relieved much of the difficulty of accessing good health care for their members. This is what drives all the tools and services they offer, from new fitness benefits to setting up rides to patient’s doctors.

They’ve got the best people for the job.

Fixing healthcare? It’s a tall order. They’ve pulled together just the team to do it. Devoted founders, Todd and Ed Park, have extensive healthcare experience with the founding of Athena Healthcare, a very successful practice management software company. Todd held high level positions in the federal government including CTO of the Department of HHS and Technology Advisor to the White House. He held these positions during the development and launch of the technology platform that provides services for the Affordable Care Act.

6. Healthcare IQ (HCIQ)

Healthcare IQ is an advanced informatics offering with the depth and breadth to address multi discipline solutions. It provides analytics and comparative data for the decision-support of operational, financial and clinical challenges faced by today’s healthcare systems. Healthcare IQ is built upon the most advanced data warehouse in the industry. Unrivaled in healthcare, millions of data points are aggregated from disparate materials, financial, clinical and reimbursement systems into one common platform. By providing visibility to operations, finance and complex clinical analytical situations, Healthcare IQ has become both the foundation and driver of Clinical Efficacy Informatics, a comprehensive solution for successfully managing the challenges of today’s healthcare organizations.

This highly advanced solution is composed of the following key elements:

Informatics IQ

Informatics IQ is a user friendly, web-based technology that provides hospitals complete visibility into their purchase history to aid in making sound business decisions.

Clinical IQ

Clinical IQ is a web-based technology solution that connects clinical and perioperative data with actual supply cost and reimbursement data at the procedural and line item level.

Colours IQ

Leading the industry, Colours IQ is redefining the way hospitals approach business decisions in clinical, financial and operational areas.

IQ Center

Designed as a support center for customers, the IQ Center has the resources, technology and knowledge base to assist hospitals on an ongoing or on a project basis, on-site or remotely.

Requisition IQ

Requisition IQ is a simple, web-based front-end requisition system that combines information from the Healthcare IQ Data Warehouse with hospital MMIS data to provide requisitions that are complete, accurate, and actionable.

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics is an American clinical laboratory. A Fortune 500 company, Quest operates in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil. Quest also maintains collaborative agreements with various hospitals and clinics across the globe.

Through its Professional Lab Services Division Quest provides a flexible offering of Lab Management Services to meet the growing clinical laboratory needs of hospitals and health systems. They work with you to design a customized change management plan to ensure successful transition and inclusion, including a communication plan and employee on-boarding.

The full Quest laboratory management solution features:

Laboratory network optimization: We will work with you to design a new laboratory operating model and execute optimization plans, selecting the most appropriate solution based on your needs.

Efficiency optimization and productivity improvements: With our best-of-breed Six Sigma program, we drive process change and continuous improvements to improve profit margins. Our laboratory management offerings are designed to deliver on quality and cost containment initiatives, while increasing staff satisfaction throughout the healthcare facility.

Tier 2 volume testing: Move existing non-urgent work performed at your hospital into the Quest

Diagnostics testing network to: Reduce unnecessary supply and labor costs, improve turnaround time and ensure seamless physician service without disruption

Employee management: Current hospital laboratory employees are transitioned to and managed by Quest Diagnostics.

Reference work integration: We consolidate your hospital’s existing reference work into Quest Diagnostics testing network.

Materials / equipment pricing advantages: you will benefit from our purchasing economies of scale for reagents, supplies and equipment.

The Quest Value Proposition

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