Direct To Employer (DTE)


Simply stated, DTE is a strategy for providers and employers to have a direct relationship without any payers in the middle. It is a new and exciting strategy that brings cost savings, better quality and free market forces into this incredibly important relationship. More specifically, DTE is a provider-sponsored, health plan that has been designed for healthcare systems and hospitals to offer to area employers. It is a self funded health plan with reinsurance that results in no medical claims loss risk for the provider . This allows providers and employers the opportunity to work together to drive down the costs of healthcare. Like other free-market industries, pricing is transparent and there are significant incentives for both parties to achieve savings. This program, when implemented correctly, will substantially increase your share of the commercial market.


For Providers, the cost of entry into this health plan model is a fraction of what it is compared to health insurance – hundreds of thousands versus millions of dollars. Also, speed to market is months versus years. The development and launch of the program by your C-Level peers at CSUITE along with operational support by Key Benefit Administrators (KBA) is what makes this all possible. KBA is the largest independent group benefits administrator in the US that specializes in self-funded medical plans. They are also our partner in delivering this program.


The Direct to Employer Program backed by the resources of CSuite and KBA will allow Providers and employers to do the following:

CSuite Solutions roles, responsibilities and expertise include:
Key Benefit Administrators roles and responsibilities include:

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