CSuite Solutions Explains Why A Direct-To-Employer Program is Gaining Momentum

The importance of direct-to-employers programs 

As healthcare costs continue to rise, direct-to-employers programs are gaining popularity in the country. CSuite Solutions, a healthcare consulting firm, explains why the implementation of direct-to-employers programs is a crucial step for healthcare providers.

  1. Unlock new users

Healthcare providers are cutting out the insurance middleman and establishing a partnership with organizations that aim to provide healthcare coverage to their employees at a reasonable cost. This has unlocked a whole world of users to healthcare providers that were earlier limited and hard to access. Once deployed, this strategy can provide healthcare providers with dependable contract-based revenue on a monthly basis. 

  1. Employer innovation

Digital health companies experience a higher rate of acceptance for health tools and technologies when dealing directly with employers. Employers are often quick and eager to experiment with new innovative solutions for their employees. On the other end of the spectrum lie the insurance companies that demand months and years of qualifying data before accepting a new solution. This direct healthcare access to employees entails a controlled cost to employers that would otherwise escalate due to postponed care. Moreover, the liberty of testing new solutions and access to new user behavior and data in a controlled setting empowers healthcare companies to test and improve their products.

  1. Proven value

A couple of partnerships with large companies empowers healthcare companies to gather data that can support the value of their product. Early agreements with large companies that are less vulnerable to financial risk allow healthcare solution providers to access a high number of users. Healthcare companies can then collect information on the usage of the solution and behavior besides identifying broader trends in employee health, engagement, and retention. This health benefit offered by employers validates the product to employees as well as other employer partners and investors.

  1. Financial wins

The access to a large number of users via an employer provides healthcare providers a robust source of new fees and revenues with minimal risk. Potentially this could lead to massive incremental net revenue in a couple of years. The direct approach to employers levels the playing field with large insurance companies. 

As employers aim to achieve the goals of improving workplace safety, raising morale, and decreasing health-related absences or poor performance, direct-to-employers is becoming the rising trend that is making a huge difference – to healthcare providers, employers as well as employees.

The Direct-To-Employer program has been developed and launched by CSuite Solutions in partnership with Key Benefit Administrators (KBA), the largest group benefits administrator in the US that specializes in self-funded medical plans. This program is intended to help organizations increase their share of the commercial market.

How can CSuite Solutions help?

With decades of experience transforming major healthcare systems, hospitals, and physician groups into efficient and financially robust operating organizations, CSuite Partners and Senior Advisors can help its clients achieve pre-COVID outpatient services. How?

Quick Start is a CSuite solution that helps to accelerate the process of vetting and identifying opportunities in two key areas:

  • Existing core operations

Identifying opportunities to improve and optimize core operations to offset losses in this area.

  • New technologies, business initiatives, and strategies for growth

CSuite assists its clients to select and deploy proven value-based solutions that achieve quick results.

The four-step process:

  1. Flash Assessment: Employing a new and efficient process to quickly gather all the facts and assess the readiness of an organization to make the leap to value-based care delivery that also drives growth.
  2. Action plan: Providing a clearly structured plan with all the critical paths identified to become a successful value-based care provider.
  3. Implementation: With a detailed implementation plan that uses Agile Project
  4. Management: The c-level advisors closely guide the implementation of value-based growth initiatives.

About CSuite Solutions 

CSuite Solutions advisory practice was formed to attract the most senior and accomplished health care industry executives in their respective fields. They have spent most of their long careers transforming hospitals and major health care systems, physician groups, and other providers into efficient and financially robust operating organizations.


The CSuite Business Solutions practice has strategic relationships with companies that provide unique healthcare solutions that can accelerate the strategic growth of health systems and other providers. 

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