CSuite Solutions’ Brian Paradis on Leadership in Healthcare Consulting Firms

As health care systems in Florida strive to achieve optimal growth, higher productivity, and better service, skilled health care management consultants can serve as a catalyst to these processes. But how can organizations choose a healthcare consulting firm that focuses on positive leadership and fruitful change? Here are some traits to look for in a health care consulting firm, according to Brian Paradis, author of Lead with Imagination.

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Brian brings his 25-year experience in the healthcare industry, including his former position of Florida Hospital’s president, to his current work as part of the leadership team at CSuite Solutions.

What to Look for in a Healthcare Quality Management Consultant

Innovative Thinking

A leading healthcare consultant is primarily a problem solver. To offer comprehensive solutions, healthcare consultants need to have critical analysis skills to see the root problem. Understanding the core issue is essential to constructing a strategic, effective work plan that will lead to long-lasting changes.

Any trial-and-error methods will invariably lead to costly errors, waste of time and potential, and lots of frustration.


Clear, streamlined communication is necessary for converting valuable ideas into consistent actions. A healthcare consultant provides an analysis of an organization’s methods and suggests improvements. To make sure feedback is acceptable, the consultant needs to make it easily comprehensible and applicable, focusing on development rather than criticism.


Healthcare consulting is a dynamic, ever-changing field. Health professionals face a wide range of challenges, many of them unpredictable and irregular.

An outstanding healthcare consultant anticipates concerns, adapts to difficult situations, and adjusts any proposed solutions. This requires a flexible, highly individualized approach that is constantly looking for new and better methods.


A successful healthcare consultant must be highly organized, self-motivated, resourceful, and persevering. They need to be willing to go the extra mile for a client, operating under time constraints and traveling when necessary. If applicable, they will talk to the staff and assess the terrain, not limiting their analysis to charts and numbers alone. They won’t stop at acceptable and will always endeavor to improve.


Healthcare is more than a merely transactional business. From the top management to the staff and clients, its basis lies in human interactions.

Leadership in healthcare requires more than efficiency – it is empathetic, compassionate, caring, and reassuring. It is flexible and inclusive rather than autocratic and rigid. It is open to feedback and promotes a safe, secure work environment where employees can unlock their full potential. It encourages staff members to speak up, ask for help, raise concerns, or offer suggestions. Brian Paradis simply calls this leading with love and compassion in a recent Inc.com article he was quoted in along with Warren Buffet that focused on corporate leadership skills. 

Strategies and Solutions for Healthcare System Growth

CSuite Solutions offers six key programs to help healthcare systems, hospitals, and medical groups grow and develop.

  1.     Advisory Services & Strategy Development
  2.     DTE (Direct to Employer) Value-based Care
  3.     DTU (Direct to Uninsured) Value-based Care
  4.     PHMP (Proactive Health Management Plan) Value-based Care
  5.     PE (Provider Equation) Direct to Consumer Quality Care
  6.     Strategic Growth Partners
Direct To Employer

CSuite Solutions: Florida Diversified Health Care Management Consultants

The leadership team of CSuite Solutions leverages decades of experience in the healthcare industry to optimize the business models of healthcare systems. To help boost growth and profitability, CSuite Solutions offers various plans that facilitate value-based care, help bridge financial gaps, and drive success.

For more information on healthcare consultants, call CSuite Solutions at (813) 866-5100 or email info@CSuiteSolutions.com

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